Find Out About Debbie

Find Out About Debbie At DW Styling

Thought it was about time I updated ‘Find Out About Debbie’ page as we have been through a rebranding process here at THE PINEAPPLE ROOM.

I still love all the same things , like the beach , a great cuppa,a lovely holiday , and it goes without saying clothes accessories and of course shoes !!! I still have all the same supportive family and friends around me who have been amazing throughout this very strange year.I also value all of your support too, and treasure every one of you who are delighted with your product choices.

I am dedicated to finding you all the clothing and accessories to help you create your own unique style and feel the confidence to experiment in your style choices.I treasure every moment when I am able to give you the freedom and confidence to try different styles in the comfort of the supportive environment of THE PINEAPPLE ROOM.

So I hope you will all join me in the journey of another year in the THE PINEAPPLE ROOM, until I see you in person……….. Take Care and Much Love Deb X


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