Tips and Hints

Some tips and hints related to my Style Edits.


Three golden rules:

1. Work within your space, so don’t buy and then expand your space .

2. Change everything to the same hanger( not wire hangers ) instant feeling of joy.

3. Make sure that everything co-ordinates to at least three other pieces in your wardrobe.


1. Try things on

2. Revisit things you have in your wardrobe ( you will be amazed)

3. Always wear lipstick,  when trying to determine your own start with your favourite colour lipstick .


1. Decide before you shop what you want to shop for.

2. Try as much on as possible ( so if its Jean’s for example make sure you try different fits.

3. Be open minded ( try things you have never tried before)


I bet you can all relate to this, been in many fitting rooms, tried on what seems like your hundredth pair of jeans, worn out , frazzled and absolutely lost the will to live!
Go home with out purchasing anything because you think that your body just isnt the right shape!
Well let me reassure you everyone and I mean everyone has the same dilemma.
So I have put together some tips below to help you to navigate through this much travelled road.
I will start with fits and how different shapes fit different people, this in itself can be a bit daunting.

These fit most shapes , you just have to be careful of the narrow calf shape.The sahpe is “skinny” doesn’t mean you have to be skinny to wear them, just buy the right size, buy your normal size and try them on.

These fit most shapes too and are great for balancing out your hips to your thighs.They fit the waist and the hips and through the top of the leg and are parelell from the knee to the ankle.
They give a classic silhouette and are very flattering for the classic lady.

These have a tighter fit at the waist and hips and a slight flare from the knee down to the ankle so are perfiect for that more curvy calf.

These are also flattering to all shapes and once you get the right fit are very stylish and depending on what you style them with you can create a great fashionable look, the sculpt fitting gives you a very flattering shape at the rear.
They come in wide leg tapered or wide legged crop.

This is by no means comprehensive and differnet people have different dilemmas, so if you need me to help you find that perfect pair of jeans or any other outfit or clothing, use my outfit sourcing service, its ony £30 and remember you are not paying for my time, you are paying for my 30 years of experience, my passion and my dedication ot making your shopping experience a joyful one.
Lots of Love